Been going to them since 1990. Always get my vehicle back to me in 24-48 hrs. Very professional and courteous.

- Leticia (5-Star Google Review)

We took our car in Monday morning, and by Tuesday early afternoon it was ready for pickup. The price was reasonable, and the issues were clearly explained to us before they started any repairs. My AC is finally blowing out cold air just in time for Texas summer heat! They also fixed a problem with my steering column. The staff was friendly and professional! I would certainly recommend Hillins Auto Repair to family and friends!

- MJ R (5-Star Google Review)

I had gone over a water bridge recently during the rainy season, and my car already had issues with the way the dealer sold it to me. I’m so happy I found this place that was able to fix the overheating and some sensors causing my car not to run and fix the damage that the water caused !!! I am so grateful they took my car. I had an ignition interlock too and they were willing to take it still. Some people would not want to deal with waiting for the company to call with the code to unlock it but they were patient and informative every step of the way. I didn’t have to call and ask about my car like other places. Also, the price was so worth it! Super affordable; wasn’t charging me a whole arm and leg! I would recommend going here for any need or trouble you can’t get fixed!!! Thank you guys for fixing my car everyone else couldn’t fix!

- Violet M (5-Star Google Review)

Hillin's Auto Repair is a family-owned business that is professional, courteous, and has highly skilled technicians. I have been using them for over five years, and I have never been disappointed with their work or their prices...they beat any big car service hands down. I will continue to use them for all my car service needs and recommend them to others.

- Sharon F (5-Star Google Review)

The BEST auto repair shop in town! I purchased a brand new vehicle from Ford in January 2021, and within only having the car for one week, I noticed a loud and obnoxious rattling sound (like a bag of nails rattling) coming from my subwoofer, which is located in the rear right side of the car. I took my car to the Ford service center four times where they replaced the subwoofer and added padding to decrease the rattling, however, the sound never went away, and I was told there was nothing else they could do. I placed a complaint to Ford Motor Company, and they said it was a known issue that could not be fixed. My fiancé's father, who has been taking his vehicles to Hillin's Auto Repair for several years, took my car to Hillin's to address the sound issue. Hillin's Auto Repair was able to find and fix the source of the obnoxious sound coming from the subwoofer and amplifier by identifying a loose screw and a small metal bar near the amplifier of the subwoofer, which was found to be poorly assembled. I am blown away by their customer service and for actually finding and fixing the source of the loud rattling noise. Now I can listen to my music without all of the other ruckus. I will be using Hillin's Auto Repair for all of my car repair needs! Thank you for fixing my car!

- Robert R (5-Star Google Review)

I have been bringing my cars to the Hillins for repair for at least 30 years now. I joke with people that I cannot move for two reasons: my car repair guys and my dog's vet, who are both irreplaceable, and I have no idea what I would do without them. The people at Hillin's Auto Repair have always, without fail, been extremely fair and honest with me, a single woman. They do quality work for a reasonable price, and they do repairs in a timely manner. I highly recommend them.

- Nancy H (5-Star Google Review)

I highly recommend Hillin's. They are very skilled...and the customer service is the best! They went above and beyond in helping me, and my husband get our vehicle fixed and saved us money. The best, hands down.

- Evette (5-Star Google Review)

I've taken my vehicle here twice, and both times I've been completely satisfied with their work. They were also fair with their pricing. The people there are very polite and professional.

- Marie V (5-Star Google Review)

Hillin's Auto Repair has worked on my vehicles for over 16 years. My vehicles tend to be older (20+ years), and this shop is the only one in town I trust with these older vehicles. Hillin's is family-owned, and the owners actually work there. They care about pleasing the customer and doing good work. They are fair and honest. I have referred several families to Hillin's and they have all been satisfied with the work, fair prices, and honesty.

- D B (5-Star Google Review)

The service over at Hillin's Auto Repair has always been top quality. My previous vehicle was pretty much a piece of junk but functioned well as a temporary vehicle. These guys really helped me out on several occasions when something went wrong. After another shop had botched an ignition coil swap, they had it put back together in no time. Price is always fair, and the techs will take you step by step if you wish. Gave me back my trust in auto repair shops.

- Michael H (5-Star Google Review)

Kenny and Nancy Hillin are some of the best people I know. They have reliably been the best at getting the work done on time and honestly helping me to know what needs to be done to my vehicles when I need to do it. Kenny knows how to explain what is wrong in an interesting and non-technical way that keeps you engaged and teaches you how to better care for your vehicles. I will keep coming back!!

- Danny P (5-Star Google Review)

Came in for noise - rattling, somewhat knocking? Ken or Lee dug into this issue and got the job done. They were not sure about the results, so they warned me it may or may not be that easy to remedy. As luck would have it, it was a pretty easy task. The price was right, and I'm very happy. My ride is back to a quiet engine and better peace of mind. Thanks, Hillins.

- Allison N (5-Star Google Review)

Kenny and Lee both worked on a car I took in and was very pleased with the result. Very fair prices and professionalism is what you can expect here. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for an auto shop. I will be a repeat customer in the future.

- Matthew P (5-Star Google Review)

Hillin's has been in the auto repair business for over 20 yrs, and they have worked on several of my cars as well as my sister's and my son's cars. We always get top-notch service and a fair price. As mentioned, Hillin is a family-owned business, and now Mr. Hillin's sons run the shop. Thanks for doing outstanding work on my 2007 Honda Ridgeline; it runs like a jewel. Oh, and did I mention the warranty on the service?

- Julia B (5-Star Google Review)

I haven't taken my car here since I haven't had the need, but I have helped a neighbor of mine to get her car there several times over the past couple of years and was always impressed with their honesty, fair prices, and relative speed in getting the jobs done. It's a family-run place, and the folks there are very friendly and helpful.

- Teri B (5-Star Google Review)

New to Texas, and I really was concerned about finding somewhere I could trust their word and service. A friend from work recommended this shop. They did my rear brakes and more. They kept their word, and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for all the hard work! See y'all soon! Tell your dad I enjoyed our spirited conversation, Lol! Love it!

- Charlene C (5-Star Google Review)

Very friendly and knowledgeable. The brothers are always available for automotive questions. They are my preferred mechanics and have been for a while.

- Steven (5-Star Google Review)

My family and I were on vacation in San Antonio and had some problems with my truck. I took it to these guys after some searching and was not disappointed. Told me up front he was busy, but would look at it as soon as he could and did the same day. Very honest and friendly service. Thanks to these guys got us home safe.

- John S (5-Star Google Review)

Very good work. Honest and professional experience with the work completed!

- Michael O (5-Star Google Review)

They showed the parts were replaced. Called me to keep me updated on the repair progress. The price quoted to me was what I paid when the repair was completed. No surprises. Thank you!

- Marco A (5-Star Google Review)

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